About Us

Company History

ACRO originated from a group of scholars at the University of Taiwan with the founder Richard Chu, who was looking for the materials for disease treatment and health care from the traditional Chinese medicine and natural herbal medicine. The first step is to find a target from premium materials that are often used in traditional Chinese medicine and then validate and develop by scientific methods. The preferred material is China’s treasure, “Cordyceps”.

After investing 12 years of research and development and human capital shared by 2000 individuals, ACRO has been transformed from agricultural cultivation to biotechnology research, including genetic engineering and molecular engineering. ACRO referenced ancient herb usage, integrated advanced technologies including microbial species management and compound extraction with numerous experiments for new applications. The scientific co-operated study results are extraordinary by various research institutions across China, Taiwan, Japan and the United States.

The research topics are expanding years by years. After Cordyceps, ACRO developed the Taiwanese endemic species of fungus –〝Antrodia cinnamomea〞as a core material for medical usage. ACRO also discovered a rare natural material -〝Marine elements〞in the east of Taiwan, especially from the deep Pacific Ocean upward flow. Additionally, the manufacturing, including molecular engineering, fermentation and purification, of the precious micro protein -〝Metallothionein〞 was established by ACRO.

For the decade of success, core technologies lead to core materials. In Taiwan, and Japan, and China, ACRO has provided several important products in health markets and Bio-industry development by technical support. In 2016, ACRO reached an important milestone, composed RD team, market team, and management team to established ACRO BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD in America, publicly listed on NASDAQ OTC Market.