Management Individual


Richard Chu (Chu Pao-Chi)




Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Business management


Technology investment
Resource Integration
Industry analysis
General management

Professional Experience

2006 – present
  • Chairman of Acro Biomedical Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of Mucho Biotech Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of Mucho Furich Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of Mucho Biomedical Co., Ltd.
1979-2006 Global computer science industry

Mr. Chu has 28 years of experience in the IT industry, 10 years of experiences in the biotechnology industry, and 38 years of business experience. He has a diverse range of interests in start-up companies, with rich practical experience in business operations.

Established the largest computer education and training center in Taiwan in 1981.

Established a software engineering company in 1983 to form a Chinese computer system designed for personal computers (ALTOS) and promoted the system to mainland China. It was the only Chinese computer system in the world. Mr. Chu integrated multiple personal computers technologies and created a product that was compatible with its own brand and host e-mail marketing in Europe and the Soviet Union; he then conduct cooperation with Chinese computer industry and joint development with integrated technology cooperation in Hong Kong in 1989. Afterwards, with the same technical integration, Mr. Chu conducted a cooperative venture in Moscow, in 1990.

Integrated comprehensive computer science manufacturing technology for the construction of hard disk production in China and formed a joint venture in China for the successful production of micro-hard disk in 2002.

Conducted the investment in multi-functional computer chip research and development including the network chips and digital TV chips in 1997-2006.

The investment of bio-industry

1. Since 2006, formal transit from the electronics industry into bio-industry (Cordyceps business).
  • 2006, the establishment of Mucho Biotech Co., Ltd.
    Initiate the integration of Cordyceps technology development, which includes Cordyceps strains management, Cordyceps cultivation, food processing and health products development.
  • 2006, the establishment of Mucho Furich Co., Ltd.
  • Built a laboratory platform with Taiwan University to develop research themes for Cordyceps.
2. The investment of bio-technology
  • Set up a R & D team solely to carry out the molecular engineering developmentof”metallothionein”,thetechnologyincluding mass-production of metallothionein through quantitative fermentation production technology.
  • Invest Mucho Biomedical Co., Ltd. , a research company that integrates the technology of metallothionein, which is currently known as the unique small molecule protein for neuron protection.